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» » BluesMen Channel - Collection - Album №21-40 (1969-2017) MP3 скачать торрент бесплатно

    BluesMen Channel - Collection - Album №21-40 (1969-2017) MP3 скачать торрент бесплатно

    Опубликовал: fregat | Дата: 4-01-2017, 09:01 | .torrent скачали: 44

    BluesMen Channel - Collection - Album №21-40 (1969-2017) MP3
    Музыкальный релиз: Collection - Album №21-40
    Автор: BluesMen Channel
    Год выпуска: 1969-2017
    Направление: Blues, Rock, BoogieRock, BoogieBlues, RockinBlues, GarageRock, RhythmnBlues
    Страна: International
    Время прослушивания: 20 x ~ 00: 55: 00
    Аудио кодек: MP3
    Музыкальный битрейт: 320


    Album №21
    Прослушать альбом
    J.J.CALE – Hold On
    JIMMY NAIL – Once Upon a Time
    SEASICK STEVE – My Home (Blue Eyes)
    DIRE STRAITS – You and Your Friend
    MATT SMITH – Ashes In The Wind
    CHRIS WHITLEY – Poison Girl
    TONY JOE WHITE – Ice Cream Man
    J.J.CALE – Friday
    Album №22
    Прослушать альбом
    HANK SHIZZOE – Being There With You
    MARK KNOPFLER – The Trawlerman;s Song
    MICK MARTIN – Wonderful World
    BIG HOUSE – Cold Outside
    SHAVER – New York City
    LYNYRD SKYNYRD – Saturday Night Special
    GURF MORLIX – Baby Can I Crawl Back To You
    GREG HARRIS – Valley Way
    Album №23
    Прослушать альбом
    VINCE GILL – Billy Paul
    MARK KNOPFLER – Stretching Out
    J.J.CALE ERIC CLAPTON – Dead End Road
    CHRIS ISAAK – Back On Your Side
    LOS LOBOS – The Town
    PETER KARP – Rubber Bands And Wire
    NORAH JONES – What Am I To You
    CALVIN RUSSELL – To you my love
    JOHN HAMMOND – Serve Me Right To Suffer
    Album №24
    Прослушать альбом
    J.J.CALE – Precious Memories
    KEB; MO; – A Better Man
    The NOTTING HILLBILLIES – Feel Like Going Home
    BIG HOUSE – I Walk Alone
    SHAVER – Manual Labor
    HANK SHIZZOE – (You Can Keep On) Fallin; Forever And Ever
    LYNYRD SKYNYRD – Hillbilly Blues
    JIMMY NAIL – Cowboy Dreams
    The UNDERDOGS – Bayou Country
    Album №25
    Прослушать альбом
    JOHN HIATT – Same Old Man
    VINCE GILL – The Sun;s Gonna Shine On You
    WILEY HURT – Shotgun Shack
    HANK SHIZZOE – End Of The Trail
    DIRE STRAITS – Iron Hand
    The UNDERDOGS – One Kiss
    Album №26
    Прослушать альбом
    ROGER GLOVER – Burn Me Up Slowly
    NEAL BLACK – The King Of San Antone
    RORY GALLAGHER – I;m Not Awake Yet
    PETER KARP – Runnin;
    JOHN KAY – Endless Commercial
    JIMMY NAIL – Don;t Wanna Go Home
    MARK KNOPFLER – Devil Baby
    VINCE GILL – Workin; On A Big Chill
    Album №27
    Прослушать альбом
    BIG HOUSE – Ain;t Slept In Our Bed
    J.J.CALE – Cajun Moon
    LYNYRD SKYNYRD – Can;t Take That Away
    SHAVER – You;re Too Much For Me
    DELTA MOON – Higher Ground
    GURF MORLIX – Blaze Foley;s 113th Wet Dream
    THREE HANKS – ;Neath a Cold Gray Tomb of Stone
    PETE MAYES – You;re Still My Baby
    BILL PERRY – Doun
    Album №28
    Прослушать альбом
    ALBERT COLLINS – Master Charge
    ROBERT CRAY – Will You Think of Me
    LEON THOMAS – Disillusion Blues
    MELVIN TAYLOR – Dirty Pool
    BILLY BRANCH – Highway Blues
    RONDO;S BLUES DELUXE – Bflat Minor Blues
    LONNIE BROOCKS – Boomerang
    ERVIN CHARLES – Born in Louisiana
    SON SILS – Give the Devil His Due
    Album №29
    Прослушать альбом
    JAMES COTTON – Feel Like Goin; Home
    MIGHTY MO RODGERS – Welcome to the Faultline
    MAGIC SLIM – Crazy Woman
    BILL SIMS – When Do I Get to Be Called a Man
    SMOKEHOUSE – Go Down Moses
    LIL; ED BLUES IMPERIALS – Computer Girl
    CAREY BELL – Teardrops
    PINETOP PERKINS – Blues Oh Blues
    RONDO;S BLUES DELUXE – I;ve Got to Leave This Woman
    Album №30
    Прослушать альбом
    KENNY NEAL – Strike While the Iron Is Hot
    OTIS RUSH – I Got the Blues
    JAMES BLOOD ULMER – Double Trouble
    ROBERT CRAY – I Shiver
    JUNIOR WELLS – Sweet Sixteen
    MIGHTY SAM McCLAIN – New Man In Town
    Mighty Mo Rodgers – Dna
    SOLOMON BURKE – Flesh and Blood
    Album №31
    Прослушать альбом
    JOHN LEE HOOKER – We;ll Meet Again
    JOHNNY COPELAND – Lion;s Den
    LIL; ED BLUES IMPERIALS – I Still Love You
    The BONE SHAKERS – I;m Living All of My Days for You
    LUCKY PETERSON – Move on You
    MUDDY WATERS – Blind Man Blues
    JOE LOUIS WALKER – Fix Our Love
    JAKE SAMPSON – Shadow At Midnight
    AARON BURTON – Stuck in Chicago
    Album №32
    Прослушать альбом
    KEB; MO; – Stand Up (And Be Strong)
    TROY TURNER – Lonely Cafe
    LONNIE BROOCKS – Before You Go
    BO DIDDLEY – That Mule
    JUNIOR WELLS – Cry for Me Baby
    JAMES BROWN – Send Her Back to Me (Remix)
    PINETOP PERKINS – What;s the Matter with You
    RAY CHARLES – Mother
    KENNY NEAL – My Babe
    Album №33
    Прослушать альбом
    TAJ MAHAL – Cheatin; on You
    RUFUS THOMAS – Think Twice Before You Speak
    BILLY BRANCH – Grown Men Cry
    KEB; MO; – A Letter to Tracy
    ROBERT COVINGTON – Help Yourself
    B.B.KING – I;m in the Wrong Business
    JAMES COTTON – Ying-Yang
    SMOKEHOUSE – Hoodoo Lover
    ALBERT KING – The Feeling
    Album №34
    Прослушать альбом
    ROBERT CRAY – Any Time
    LUTHER ALLISON – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
    MIGHTY MO RODGERS – The Kennedy Song
    LONNY BROOCKS – Get Through to You
    PINETOP PERKINS – Every Day I Have the Blues
    LIL; ED BLUES IMPERIALS – Four Leaf Clover
    CHUCK BERRY – You Never Can Tell
    VINCE RAY – Hey Bartender
    Album №35
    Прослушать альбом
    JIVE BUNNY – Jive Bunny Medley
    MICKE MUSTER – Hotel Waitress
    EL RIO TRIO – Bop Pretty Baby
    ARSEN ROULETTE – Messed Up
    STRAY CATS – Wasn;t That Good
    SHAKIN; STEVENS – Because I Love You
    WILD WILLIE BIG DEAL – Thirty Days
    ROCKIN; LOUIE – Rock and Roll Man
    JIM BELUSHI The SACRED HEARTS – If the House Is Rockin;
    Album №36
    Прослушать альбом
    WILD WIND – Maggie Did It
    WILLIE and the POOR BOYS – Revenue Man
    BILLY LEE RILEY – Goin; Jukin;
    BRUCE WILLIS – Turn It Up (a Little Louder)
    JAN GILLAN The JAVELINS – Roll Over Beethoven
    HELLBILLY BOYS – Crazy Groove
    EL RIO TRIO – Love Charm
    CHUCK BERRY – My Mustang Ford
    Album №37
    Прослушать альбом
    JOHNNY POWERS – Something About You
    THE BOPTAILS – Comin; Home
    Bill Haley The Comets – Rock Around The Clock
    BILLY LEE RILEY – Lost My Only Love
    ROCKIN; LOUIE – Boogie Woogie Country Girl
    SPRINGLERS – Too Much Wine
    BELUSHI AYKROYD – Cadillac Man
    SLEEPY LaBEEF – Rip it Up
    Album №38
    Прослушать альбом
    CHUCK BERRY – Let it Rock
    ROBERT PLANT – My Bucket;s Got a Hole In It
    CRAZY CAVAN RHYTHM ROCKERS – Teddy Boy Rock;n;Roll
    SLEEPY LaBEEF – Bottle Up and Go
    MICKE MUSTER – Rockin; Piano Man
    HELLBILLY BOYS – Honky Tonk Train
    LEE ROCKER – Rumblin; Bass
    Gareth Young – I;m Falling
    Album №39
    Прослушать альбом
    SHAKIN; STEVENS – A Rockin; Good Way
    JOHNNY HALLYDAY – Blue Suede Shoes
    RALPH REBEL – Rockabilly Vampire
    WILD WILLIE BIG DEAL – Don‘t Rock Me
    SHAKIN; STEVENS – This Ole House
    JAN GILLAN The JAVELINS – Too Much Monkey Business
    MUNGO JERRY – In the Summertime
    ROCKIN; LOUIE – Troubles Troubles
    The RUNNAWAY BOYS – Rock Around with Ollie Vee
    Album №40
    Прослушать альбом
    RAY CHARLES STRAY CATS – Hit the Road Jack
    VINCE RAY – Looking For Johnny
    TUPELO HIGHSHOTS – Maybe Little Baby
    JOHNNY POWER – You Win Again
    EL RIO TRIO – I;m Burning
    WILLIE and the POOR BOYS – Let;s Talk It Over
    ES FEIV – Brand New Cadillac
    WILLIE and the POOR BOYS – You Never Can Tell
    Blind Lemon Peel - Shake Your Love Thang

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    BluesMen Channel - Collection - Album №21-40 (1969-2017) MP3
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